On foreign territory

like her, her vagina was so uncomplicated.

On courage

loving like you're not afraid of getting your heart broken.
i will try my darndest, as i ignore that other shoe to drop feeling.

On filters

i have this friend. i'll just say, that i don't make friends very easily. 
i can probably count the number of friends on one hand. 
quality over quantity. 
when you're in, you're in. for life.

anyway, she's wonderful. 
when we first became friends, i thought, 
"wow! she's so thoughtful and does such nice things for me!"
and in turn, i did nice things for her.

as time went on, i learned that she did all this nice stuff for a lot of people. 
even lame people. no matter how lame. 
my mother always told me not to be too nice. 
that people who are too nice get taken advantage of.

i'm a little bummed out because now i know i'm not special. 
there's no discernment. no filter, or qualifying process.
everyone gets this same, albeit, great treatment. 
even those who don't deserve it.

i can't hold it against anyone for being an all around good, nice person, 
but i think there's a fine line between being nice and being a fool. 
it's just against my nature. 
i dole out love and generosity stingily.

On cycles

getting your heart broken
vowing to never get your heart broken again
missing getting your heart broken

On mystique

you're quite mysterious.
let's keep it that way.

On seasons

now is the winter of my discontent.

On pep talks

c'mon now.
you got yourself into this mess.
you're going to get yourself out of it.
buck up, it's not the end of the world.

On fetishes

uncovered a very strange one last night.
things that make you go hmmm...

On heels

...and their orientation with respect to heads.

shouldn't the phrase really be "heels over head"?

On tributes

i have a patch of eczema
in the shape of you
on the right side of my neck

On silent treatments

i'm broadcasting live from
in the middle of a fight right now.

he said, "you're right" in a disingenuous way
and walked out of the room.

though i appreciate the fact that he didn't stay and escalate,
i can't help but to feel tenfold more infuriated.

topic of said fight?
i'm not nice enough.

i guess i inherently lose,
but it's a standoff at this point.


photo the ugly earring

On good measure

one for june.
here you go, junebug.

On propriety

i kind of regret not using 
my sexuality to my advantage.

felt like i was above that.
too righteous, perhaps.

it's getting rather late in the game. 
too late, perhaps.

On value shopping

i bought my mom some oxycontin for mother's day.
she yelled at me for spending too much money
on the name brand vs generic.

On mormons

s'ppose it's not so bad to be mormon after all.

-that squeaky clean sheen
-big white teef
-get to ride bikes all the time

-no booze
-no loose sex
-no caffeine
-no cursing???

never mind, fuck that.

On clean slates

new space. smells clean. new blog smell.
just words? or photos, too? tabula rasa.

On the times

it was the best of times, it was the best of times.